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Behavior at dog sightings

What to do when sighting your own runaway dog:

What is the best way to behave when my own dog tries to come back to the place of escape or home and I see him doing it.

Basically: A dog is ALWAYS in an absolutely exceptional state after it has run away. By running away, he initially "forgets" everything he has learned and got to know so far and again relies solely on his innate survival instincts. These are also clearly present in all domestic dogs (not only in dogs that have lived on the street). However, this means that it usually does not recognize its owner (immediately) at first glance; that your own dog (initially) does not react to the address of the owner, but sees him as a danger like all other people.


The body language of people is also new and threatening to him for the time being. For example, a dog that normally has no problem at all with its master bending over or walking towards him suddenly has total fear, because this human body language now seems threatening to him. Direct eye contact is also absolutely not recommended here.


So what to do when I see my dog:

1. Stand still so as not to harass the dog any further

2. Turn away to signal to the dog that I am not in danger

3. No direct eye contact, it is best to look generally in his direction and keep looking away

4. Make it small, for example crouch on the side or even sit on the floor. We are much less of a threat to the much faster dog when we sit down than we do when we are crouching or standing.

If the dog decides to come to the owner, you can speak to him in a quiet positive way, but always avert your gaze. Again, do not call out the dog's name or use commands that he has learned.

However, as soon as the dog begins to move away again, do the same and also withdraw and give it space.

Ideally, in this case you have professionals on hand to advise the owner during the backup, as the behavioral repertoire can be very different from dog to dog.


For people who see a strange dog that seems to run away. Please proceed as points 1 and 2 and then leave the dog alone. Note the exact location and the direction of travel and ideally call the nearest police station and Tasso immediately. This allows the owner to act accordingly and take care of the safety of his dog. Every unsuccessful attempt to catch the dog panics again and, in the worst case, can end in an accident and drive the dog many kilometers further.


If you have lost a shy dog, or if you see a shy dog, it is best to get advice on how to proceed!

This is how you can reach us

Hundebesitzer erreichen uns über die Hotline (einfach auf den AB sprechen) über unsere Facebook-Gruppe. Es ist fast immer jemand von uns online!

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