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Services and prices

Tiersuchhilfe München works mainly on a voluntary basis in order to be able to help as many people as possible. Some services are offered for a fee that is invested in the training of our search dogs and the financing of our equipment.

Overview prices

Advice is always free!

Search dog use € 125 + travel costs, if applicable *


Rental cat trap € 15 + € 20 pick-up and delivery service + € 50 deposit *

Wildlife camera rental € 25 + € 20 pick-up and delivery service + € 150 deposit *

Rental, delivery + assembly of dog trap 180 € + 200 € deposit + travel expenses *

All costs are flat rates with no time limit.
Discount: is possible for animal welfare organizations and in cases of hardship.


The heart of our work, advice on runaway dogs and cats, is and will remain free! We want to continue to support as many people as possible with our years of experience and help them to lead their four-legged friends back home. Of course, we are happy to receive voluntary financial support.

Search dogs

Our search dog teams have been professionally trained over several years and are very experienced.  Search dogs always cost a flat rate of 125 € per case,  regardless of the number of teams and operations. We only charge travel costs for operations that are further away.


To secure the runaway animals, some technology is sometimes necessary, which you can easily borrow from us until the case is closed. The costs are a flat rate.

  • Wildlife cameras with remote transmission including instruction. Costs: 25 € + 150 € deposit. We bring and collect the camera within Munich for a flat rate of € 20.

  • Cat trap: 100 x 30 x 30 cm including instruction. Costs: 15 € + 50 € deposit. We bring and collect the trap within Munich for a flat fee of € 20.

  • High-tech dog trap: 250 x 120 x 120 cm including trap detector, delivery with transporter, set-up, preparation & collection after the case has been completed. Costs: € 180 + € 200 deposit + travel expenses.

We work mostly on a voluntary basis. This is important to us, because we don't want to enrich ourselves, but to help you. For some  Services  we charge fees to cover our expenses, finance our equipment and train our search dogs.


But of course we are very happy about everyone who would like to support us and our work! Our IBAN is DE76702501500009728072. Thanks very much!

* All prices are final and include 19% VAT.

This is how you can reach us

Hundebesitzer erreichen uns über die Hotline (einfach auf den AB sprechen) über unsere Facebook-Gruppe. Es ist fast immer jemand von uns online!

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