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Prevention / dog security

The correct securing of your dog is the guarantee that your dog does not run away in the first place. If your dog is new to you, there are a few things to consider, especially if it is an animal welfare dog from home or abroad.

  1. When handing over the dog to you, only use an escape-proof special harness with a double waist belt. This safety harness must already be put on the dog in a locked room (or in the closed transporter) and then checked whether it is really sitting 100%. It would be even better to reload the dog in the delivery vehicle / truck into a secure transport box and only open it again when you are at home. Check again beforehand that all windows and doors in your apartment / house are locked.  Now you can put on the safety harness and check whether it is really tight. In the beginning, leave this harness on day and night. That makes it easier for you and the dog.

  2. In advance, get yourself a pull-stop collar to which the leash is attached.

  3. Under no circumstances let your dog off the leash in the first few months. It takes time for the dog to bond with you deeply. First practice the recall in a safe area, e.g. in a highly fenced dog school, and only let it off the leash when the recall works reliably.

  4. Make sure that your dog has no way of escaping. Open apartment and house doors, car doors, windows, terraces and balcony doors are taboo. In the first few weeks, the dog should also stay on a leash in its own garden. A 2 meter high fence is not an obstacle for almost all dog breeds.

  5. Please never leave your dog on a leash in front of a store, even if it's only for a few minutes. Dogs are being stolen more and more often and either brought directly abroad or only given out again for a high reward. These cases of theft are increasing and pose a serious threat!

  6. A GPS tracker does not replace the measures described above, but it is a very helpful tool. This makes it possible to have the dog's location sent relatively precisely to his smartphone. As a dog owner, this gives you a calming feeling that is also transferred to the dog.


We also recommend around New Year's Eve, from December 28th. until 05.01. every year to properly secure your four-legged friend. Proper backup includes:

  • Safety harness

  • Pull stop collar

  • a long coupling leash attached to the collar and harness

  • the leash should always be attached to the body as well

  • Screw carabiners, which you also attach to the ring between the collar and leash or harness and leash

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Scented articles

As a precaution, we recommend that you regularly secure a scented article for your dog / cat. The best way to do this is to get disposable gloves and sterile compresses. With the disposable gloves on, take a sterile compress from the pack. With this you drive into the mouth of your animal to secure saliva. It can also chew shortly afterwards. You can also go inside the animal's ear with a sterile compress. Alternatively, you can brush your animal and secure a piece of fur or a tuft of hair.


Drop your scented article into a previously boiled jam jar, seal it and label it with the current date and the name of the person who saved the scented article. All people and animals that have come into contact with this article must be present at the start of a search dog mission, so that the search dog can rule out their smells as the smell to be searched for. Ideally, renew the scented article every few months.

This is how you can reach us

Hundebesitzer erreichen uns über die Hotline (einfach auf den AB sprechen) über unsere Facebook-Gruppe. Es ist fast immer jemand von uns online!

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