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Initial measures

The dog is gone and you feel a sense of panic. This is totally understandable, just it won't bring your pet back. The most important and at the same time most difficult thing is to keep calm. Instead of acting wildly and looking like crazy: stop and take a deep breath. Then follow our initial measures.

Stay at the place of escape and leave the door open at home

Do not actively look for your dog! Stay at the place of escape and wait there, even if it's difficult. See below why active search is counterproductive. Sit down because it can take a few hours. You can trust that almost all dogs will come back to the place of escape or run home when they have calmed down. Don't run around the area, as this will spread your scent all over the place and confuse your dog with it. If you have driven your car for a walk and it is not parked far from the place where you ran away, you can also wait by the car. If it is cold, you are thirsty or hungry: If you get blankets, drinks and food from friends, you must stay at the place of escape yourself. If the home is not very far away, a caregiver sends the dog there. This should open all doors and gates and wait there. Dogs can easily run a few kilometers in a short period of time.

Post a missing person's report on Facebook

Post a missing person report with a photo of your dog in our Facebook group  Runaway and missing dogs Munich  a. We have almost 6,000 members there, who have noticed a lot and are well connected. Please give the district (no street names) where the dog ran away, the telephone number at which you can be reached at any time and the information whether he is chipped and registered (no chip number).  Important: Do not publicly disclose precise information about the location of the escape and, if applicable, the sighting site, as strangers often run off to look for it. Even if it is meant well, it can happen that the dog is driven away. 

Inform institutions

Inform the following institutions by telephone (telephone numbers can be found at  Important addresses ):

  • TASSO  and  FINDEFIX  - even if the dog is not chipped. Registration can be done later.

  • Animal shelter - possibly also in the surrounding area.

  • Police - also in surrounding districts, as the districts are not networked with each other.

  • Veterinary clinics

  • possibly train (damage caused by game)

  • possibly AWM building yard

  • if necessary animal crematorium

  • possibly hunter / forester

With these tips you will always do everything right first, regardless of whether your dog has run away on a leash, is old, very young or sick and needs medication. We will be happy to help you with everything else. Please sit down with the  further measures  apart.

Active search

​Usually counterproductive as the runaway animal is in an exceptional situation and in "escape mode". Active searching can therefore perceive it as a "hunt" for itself and move further and further away. It gets tricky when a dog has run away on a leash, because you have to weigh up how long you give him time to run back and when you can start looking for him. If you run around and look for yourself, your dog has little chance of finding you by your smell, as the tracks mix and he can no longer find the way back. In addition, you will usually miss each other all the time. 


Hunde, besonders wenn sie in einer Angstsituation entlaufen sind, befinden sich in einem Ausnahmezustand. Aus diesem Grund empfehlen wir für die Besetzung von strategisch wichtigen Positionen wie den Entlaufort, oder das Zuhause die engsten Bezugspersonen. Teilweise erkennen die Hunde in Ihrer Angst nicht mal ihre eigenen Besitzer sofort, sondern haben auch dann Annäherungsschwierigkeiten. Auf fremde Personen reagieren Sie in der Regel mit erneuter Flucht. Auch kann der Besitzergeruch helfen, einen Hund in der Gegend zu halten, in der er entlaufen ist.

This is how you can reach us

Hundebesitzer erreichen uns über die Hotline (einfach auf den AB sprechen) über unsere Facebook-Gruppe. Es ist fast immer jemand von uns online!

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