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Our team

As a consultant, Susanne has infinite patience and she works as a search dog handler whenever possible, as well as as a helper. When it comes to tactics, nobody can fool her and as a cat trap expert, she is a huge help to us and the owners. And many times a dead animal that she has recovered has landed in the freezer .... With her 8-year-old trained search dogs Demi and Balou, she has been regularly on missions for a year. While Podenca Demi, typical of the breed, is not very enthusiastic about mundane trails, but shows all her skills when faced with complex challenges, Terriermix Balou, also typical of the breed, is always at the start with full ambition 💚

In her private life, Susanne works at the front of her family business, has half a dozen rabbits in addition to the dogs, a skilled hand for decoration and is an absolute family man with two grown children.

Die Stars der Tiersuchhilfe - Unsere Einsatzhunde

Die künftigen Stars - Unsere Azubis

This is how you can reach us

Hundebesitzer erreichen uns über die Hotline (einfach auf den AB sprechen) über unsere Facebook-Gruppe. Es ist fast immer jemand von uns online!

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